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Cherries picked

Posted May 2019 in #dev

  • Things already have names

    Naming things is the hard part, so don’t. Most things already have names. Use the API field, the design files, or ask the user. Projects fail without a common language.

  • Design systems make work

    Graphic tension beats branding if it the friction helps intuition. Design systems where native controls don’t fit only make more work. Users don’t mind the details.

  • The two world wide webs

    The divide between web apps and sites will remain. Apps should use more JS, while sites far less. Interactivity decides. But an unstated premise fuels discord.

  • Scale beats best practice

    Most opinions are wrong at some scale. Availability, security, and accessibility are all spectrums. Taste is acquired through experience in the scale bracket at hand.

  • Cherry-picked tidbits

    Ideas are cheap if you don’t have to think them through. Write out their abstracts in nice little boxes. Readers will helpfully fill in the blanks. People are nice like that.